There is Hope for Fine or Thinning Hair

I’ll admit it right here and now…I have fine hair. There, I’ve said it. Not really thinning but just fine. Having fine hair all my life has helped me to be an expert on fine hair and how to make the most of it. In fact, because I wear some extensions for fullness, no one would suspect that I do. But that’s another blog post…

Having fine hair doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of limp and lifeless locks. Wouldn’t we all love to have a head full of long, luxurious hair? But there are solutions. Many of the following tips are to create the “illusion” of thicker hair, but isn’t that what beauty is all about? Think of concealer, covering spots and under-eye discoloration or the perfect shade of lipstick and lip liner to make your lips more voluptuous. The right haircut, color, styling products and blow drying techniques can transform thin hair into a seemingly thick, voluminous mane.

The Best Haircuts for Fine Hair

A Shoulder Length Blunt Cut

Avoid short layers. Layers take the bulk out of hair and bulkiness is what we want to create on fine hair. So minimize the layers  and have a classic square shoulder-grazing blunt cut. This gives the illusion of weight and thickness.

Fine Hair in a blond bob

A Deep Side Part on a Cut No Longer Than the Collarbone

A deep side part helps to give the top more volume and thus giving the style a look of more fullness. Tousled or textured hair also gives the look of more thickness instead of a sleek, straight style. While we are talking about parts, avoid a center part. The hair has no where to go but straight down giving the hair a lank, lifeless look.

Side part for fine hair

Short Hair or a Pixie Cut

This is a broad category because there are super short pixie cuts that look great but also “longer” short haircuts where the underneath is short combined with length on top. Think Katy Perry’s new haircut. One of my mottos for fine haired girls is”Don’t fear short hair!” Length weighs hair down and maximizes thinness.

Pixie cut helps with fine hair

Thick Bangs

Don’t do a thin wispy bang. I often times tell clients that it looks like breakage and makes the hair looks finer. Make a statement with your bangs and wear them thick! This adds density and body to the front. Bangs also bring attention to the best feature of every woman’s face…your eyes.

Thick bangs work well with fine hair.

Color Suggestions

If you are going to wear your hair a little longer, don’t go too light. Don’t be an all-over blonde. Blonde hair is beautiful but can be transparent and “see-through”.  Also too many lightening procedures can be a bit harsh for fine hair. A few strategically placed highlights are fine but I caution on going too light. Often times, wearing a color that adds depth such as rich reds and browns gives the illusion of weight and bulk, therefore thickening the hair to the eye.

Coloring does indeed work well with fine hair.Coloring does indeed work well with fine hair.Coloring does indeed work well with fine hair.

Styling Products & Technology

There are so many products out these days to remedy fine or thinning hair. One of the newest technologies is Bumble and Bumble Full Potential Hair Preserving Shampoo, Conditioner and Booster Spray. Clinical tests shows that these products used in a regimen reduces hair loss by 46% in 30 days. The proprietary ingredient  is called a “hair preserve blend” which acts like a “liquid bandage” to promote strength and elasticity. The other important products to consider are mousses, thickening sprays and texturizing sprays. We like Bumble and bumble Full Form Mousse and Dry Spun Finish, both in the Thickening line of products. We also love TIGI Catwalk Root Boost, Bodifying Spray and TIGI Bedhead Queen for a Day Thickening Spray. These products work to increase the diameter of the hair and help with style memory so your “do” lasts longer. Avoid gels, pomades and waxes. These products weigh and flatten the hair down. Also look for hairsprays with an airy, dry quality. The wetter the hairspray tend the tackier and flatter your hair will feel. Our stylists favorite is TIGI Work-It Hairspray which is buildable for more hold if needed.

Hair care products for fine hair.Hair care products for fine hair.Hair care products for fine hair.

Blow Drying & Styling

Let’s face it all you fine haired ladies, unless you have naturally wavy or curly hair, blow drying is a MUST! Wet hair clings to the scalp and is not a good look if you hair is fine or thinning. Building volume through blow drying is the illusion of thicker hair we trying to achieve. Drying with your fingers helps to get the roots lifted. Fortunately, fine hair dries and styles out fairly quickly. When blow drying, start at the bottom (like you are building a house) and dry the hair with maximum volume. Working towards the top, dry with a round brush to give the hair bounce and body. Using the aforementioned products, help keep the style lasting all day. Use dry shampoo to give a tousled, “back-combed” look for second day hair.

Blow dry styling works well with fine hair.Blow dry styling works well with fine hair.

So, I hope I have given you some suggestions for making your fine hair looks thicker and fuller. Schedule a blow dry style with one of our stylists and we can help you with techniques and proper product selection and usage. In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine and I’ll see you next time.

Thanks for reading and always be you best and beautiful self!

Lavonne Morril




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