Five Steps to Loving Your Curly Hair!

Happy 2016 everyone! Hope you all had a glorious holiday and brought the New Year in stylishly! Now that we are enduring days and days of rain (will the sun ever shine again?) I thought I would write about my favorite hair texture on the planet…CURLS CURLS CURLS! I have straight hair with not a hint of a bend, so of course, I love the hair texture and curly hair that I do not have. Don’t despair, all of you curly haired beauties, you can embrace your natural texture and get through these rainy days looking fabulous! Here are some hints on taking care of those curls without frizzies or flyways:

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Bringing your curly hair to heel

  1. Don’t Overshampoo: Curly hair is naturally dry and shampooing your hair too often tends to make it brittle by washing out the natural oils. When you do shampoo, which should only be a few times a week, keep the lather close to your scalp and let the excess soapy water take care of the rest. We suggest a no poo or “low” poo formula, such as DevaCurl No Poo or Low Poo Shampoo. These low foam options won’t dry or strip away your natural oils. Emulsify a small amount of shampoo with water and apply to scalp. Massage the solution into the scalp adding more if needed, or shampoo twice. Rinse twice, the second time with cool water, to close the cuticle.
  2. Select your stylist carefully: Find a stylist who is an expert in curly hair, preferably one who has curly hair themselves. They can relate with you.
  3. Don’t be afraid of product: Curly hair is prone to dryness and breakage. It is important to use moisturizing products to keep your hair bouncy and frizz free. Some ingredients to look for are palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter and avocado oil. We recommend anti frizz serums or oils such as Bumble and bumble Anti-Humidity Gel Oil or TIGI Dream Drops. Shaping creams and mousses are also good options. We love DevaCurl Styling Cream and DevaCurl Light Defining Gel.
  4. Don’t brush or comb curly hair: You shouldn’t even own a brush if you have curly hair (except when you wear it straight). Curly hair breaks easily, so combing it when its wet will lead to breakage and split ends. Essentially, your hair will be cutting itself. Have you ever combed or brushed your hair dry? You end up with a head of frizz! If you wake up on second-day hair and have the frizzies and fly-aways, use a “re-styling” spray like TIGI BedHead Spoil Me or Bb ReStyle Primer to reactivate your curl. Then, use your fingers or a very wide tooth comb to distribute product and reshape. Add some oil or curl serum, we love Bb Curl Defining Creme,  then scrunch or form more defined ringlets around your finger all over your head. Let your hair air dry and don’t touch it!
  5. Don’t Fight your curly hair: Your hair is going to win that battle every time! Whatever your hair wants to do is what it is going to do, so embrace it! If you must, on occasion, soften your curls, using a round brush to blow out or hot rollers. Use a thermal protectant spray like TIGI’s Flat Iron Shine Spray to shield your hair from heat. Utilizing your natural curl will help to hold the set and give you a bombshell blowout! For a night out or a special occasion, you can make an appointment with us to do a fabulous blow dry for you that will last for days!

It is incredible to me that some women don’t even know they have curl in their hair. I will say to a client “Do you ever diffuse your hair or let it dry naturally? You have some natural wave in your hair.” They say, “Oh, no I don’t. My hair is stick straight!” Fortunately, there are products now to enhance natural curl such as TIGI Curls Rock Amplifier or Bb Surf Infusion Spray. These products will help define your curls so you can have another variation on your style. Plus, it’s a lot easier to do and gives your hair a break from hot tools and brushes. I hope these ideas will help you manage your natural texture or to discover you have some wave or curl you didn’t know about. Embrace your curly hair ladies. Treat them well, love them, and they will love you back!

Thank heavens the era of perms are gone and we have wonderful products to care for and nurture our natural texture. Of course, the right haircut with long layers and a face framing shape, help to release weight in your hair and make your curls bounce!

Have a lovely March and I’ll see you soon!

Thank you for reading and be your beautiful self!

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